To further support its sustainability goals, WNH has implemented robust recycling and waste diversion programs that includes the recycling of industrial waste, old poles, wires, metal materials, and electronics, as well as pens, printer cartridges, various types of lightbulbs, coffee bags and depleted batteries.

The employee-led Green Team promotes environmental awareness and sustainability amongst WNH employees using education bulletins and the annual Eco-Challenge. This year’s challenge saw 40 percent of employees participate in events that included a bike tune-up, neighbourhood cleanup, a clothing drive, and a green thumb challenge for the WNH gardeners. WNH employees were also encouraged to reduce their use of plastics and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Beyond employee-led initiatives, WNH further enhanced its sustainable output with the installation of a ground mount solar photovoltaic system. The project will generate about 244,500 kWh a year and allow WNH to offset approximately 27 percent of its electricity needs from the grid, while also helping the utility to provide guidance and support to its customers seeking information on similar systems.