FLISR led to a 33 percent decrease in Customer Minutes of Interruption in 2021, resulting in more than 1.357 million minutes of customer interruption saved. Over the past three years, WNH has expanded the use of FLISR and the ADMS throughout its service territory, and as of the end of the year, 95 percent of customers are on FLISR-enabled feeders.

WNH also understands that reliability and customer needs are ever-changing, and as the electrical grid continues to expand and diversify, the utility wants to continue to position itself as an industry leader. In 2021, WNH partnered with Survalent and other Ontario LDCs to create a platform that will provide electrical utilities with a detailed understanding of local energy sources, including wind and solar power, within their systems. The platform will provide real-time supply and consumption information to help utilities plan for changes in the electricity market, ensuring WNH will remain on the leading edge of reliability in the years to come.